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Golden Girls Competition Rules

Summer Competition for the over 60's

9- hole Ringer competition

Charity Competition in the aid of The Northern Ireland Hospice

This competition is specifically for those ladies who do not wish to play in our regular 18-hole competitions during the summer but enjoy playing on a regular basis.

This year the competition may be played over both the front and back nine holes .

Once you have submitted a Base card for the front nine the competition may be entered.                                                       A similar rule applies to the back nine.


                        Start Date:                                                            April 2010


1  Competition to be played over the first nine holes open

2   Players can play as often as they wish as long as they pay the entry fee and sign Golden Girls' book (in the office)

3 Entry Fee of £1.00 to be placed in Golden Girls tin(in the office)

4 Players must use a 9- hole card ( to be easily distinguisable form those entering the 18-hole competition).

5 All scores must be entered on the card

6 Only one hole may be ringed at any one time

7 Each hole may be ringed a maximum of 2 times

8 Players can have cards marked by any other player (not necessarily in the same competition)

9 Draw times do not apply

10 Any temporary or alternative green may not be ringed

11  It is the player's respnsibility to ring the hole on the master sheet on notice board and to submit a properly signed and dated card

The Trophy will be awarded to the player who has the best Nett score at the end of the Competition.

 Helen Setterfield