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Message for Members

One of the stated priorities of the new Gents Captain John Hinds is to improve and facilitate greater communication between the Gents Committee and the members. The Captain feels strongly that the members should all be aware of who is on the committee,  what their role is and that a forum should be provided to ease communication between the two.  At the end of the day the Committee are there to serve the interests of all of the members. As a result you will now see that photographs and profiles of Committee members appears on the clubhouse section of the website.

The Captain and Committee  are keen to hear from members about any issues or suggestions and to this end anyone wishing to bring any matter to the attention of the committee should do so by emailing the Honorary Secretary Harry Greer at honsec@rockmountgolfclub.com

In addition in the members section of the website there is a new page for Members News Updates 2017.  This page will be updated regularly in order to convey messages to the members from the Committee regarding issues of interest such as teams, social events, news from the GUI etc. This will not replace existing communication methods such as the notice boards, screens,Facebook and Twitter but will,hopefully add to them. Any feedback on this initiative would also be appreciated.