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Are You Interested in Sponsoring a Saturday Competition?

The Club is putting together the fixture list for this forthcoming season and are pleased to announce that there are a few Saturday competitions available for sponsorship. Would you, your family members or friends be interested in availing of the opportunity to sponsor a Saturday competition and taking advantage of the benefits for a very competitive cost.

For a total cost of £250 you will receive the following benefits:-

1 - The sponsor (company) will have two fourballs any time during the allocated Saturday to play the course from competition tees (subject to slots being booked prior to time sheet going live). (Fourballs may be arranged midweek subject to approval of the proprietors, Rockmount Enterprises).

2 - The clubhouse and restaurant will be open for your use and the use of your guests.

3 - You may display or distribute any company documentation or advertising within the club and may erect any signage or banners around the course.

4 - Three digital advertising screens within the clubhouse (foyer, shop and members lounge) will display company logo or strap-line or both or any combination in a single page advertisement. Displays will run for 12 months from 1st April.

5 - If you wish we can have a link inserted from Rockmount Golf Club website to your company website.

6 - Your company name will be included in any press reports relating to your Saturday competition (subject to editor's discretion both in content and space available).

7 - All Rockmount Golf Club advertising in respect of the competition will include your company name.

8 - Use of sponsors car parking space on day of your competition.


If you are interested in this package please contact:-

1 - Honorary Secretary, Harry Greer (e) honsec@rockmountgolfclub.com  (m) 07961 895332

2 - Honorary Competition Secretary, Frank Wallace (e) compsec@rockmountgolfclub.com  (m) 07752 024168