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Message from the Captain



New Season Message to Members from the Captain: 

“Get more for your membership: Join a team squad”.


We want to enhance the pleasure and satisfaction, the fun, our members get from membership.  We want success too as a Club; to promote the image of our fine Club and Clubhouse in the local golfing world.   So each new season we offer members the opportunity to play inter-club golf in a range of competitions and the challenge of winning them.  We meet the costs.


If you have not experienced it nothing in golf (for me anyway) quite beats the buzz and excitement of belonging to a squad, playing different courses and players from other clubs, experiencing team spirit when faced with 'the opposition' and the craic after golf over 'refreshments' and a meal.


Some members at every age and handicap level really enjoy the pleasures of competitive golf.  We are on a trawl to find those members, encourage their participation in inter-club golf, form strong team squads around handicap eligibility, motivate and coach them and get out there and win matches and competitions. 


Each year we enter a range of GUI, Cowdy and other competitions and get together a cluster of the finest team captains we can find and set them the task of winning as many of these competitions as we can.


So go on …. join a squad.  Put your name down as keen to play - sheets are up in the locker room.  Player availability is key to team and Club success.   


The bigger the squad the more flexible is team selection and this is a real boon when players have summer commitments like holidays. 


Colin McNeill