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Jimmy Bruen Report - Qualifying round at Spa.

After a tough selection process and much bribery, the big Q day at Spa arrived and the Rockmount boys paraded ready for duty.

The course in great condition and the weather holding, the team were champing at the bit to be unleashed. In hindsight it may have been better to keep some of them on a leash!!!!!

Leading the charge for the boys in blue in the important no 1 slot was:

Gordon “polite man “Goodfellow + Robert “the guvnor” Patterson

A canny opening tree shot from the guvnor was followed by 18 of the fastest holes of golf ever played. So quick in fact that neither the Capt nor Vice Capt saw any of them! However, Gordon assures me he was great. A stunning round of 84 –12 over got us off to an excellent start.

Team 2 in a very important slot was the unlikely combination of:

Michael “lazy rhythm” McGivern + Paul “quiet man”Mearns

A fairway splitting drive down the first was a sign of things to come (from the strong Downpatrick pair). Unfortunately our boys were rubbish and finished millions over and neither the captain or vice captain had enough time or could be bothered to count their score.

The very very important 3 slot was left in the capable hands of the youthful aggressive pairing of,

Danny” Danny boy” Montgomery + Ru, Ror, Ruar, Riu, Ruairi Wilson, the junior captain.

The pairing played some very steady golf highlighted by a 4 putt on the 10th and a 9 on the 15th. But with the help of an unlikely “TV Shot” chip in by Danny Boy, came home with an 86—14 over.

In the very very very important 4 slot, the Capt and Vice Capt decided to make Rockmount history by giving a debut to the clubs first oriental pairing of the Young brothers.

Alan “egg foo”Young + Paul”spicy foo”Young

Being the teams top pairing in practice had no bearing whatsoever on their performance on Q day. However, some very steady golf and one spectacular off the tree onto the knee shot contributed to a very creditable 86—14 over.

In the very very very very important 5th slot saw a pairing with a mixture of experience and an old bloke who kept getting annoyed.

Fra”the shades” Ward + Frank “boom boom “Wallace

Boom Boom, who was playing in his 100th Jimbo Bruen qualifying, showed all his class with a stunning chip producing shot of the day on the 17th which helped the pair to an excellent 82—10 over, leading the team to the position of top qualifiers.

A word of thanks to all players (except the two muppets out second) and the loyal band of supporters who braved some really appalling golf to see the team home.

A final note on this momentous day has to go to the reuniting of the Cherry brothers!!!!!!!!! (More to follow...)

So it’s Banbridge at Spa in the first qualifying round and the dream lives on!

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