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Match Report - Ulster Cup 3rd Round V Bangor GC, 2nd leg

Ulster Cup 3rd Round V Bangor GC, 2nd Leg

And so to Bangor for the return leg, with the team packed off with buckets and spades, and all of them old enough to not know what everyone is laughing at when they would don their speedos.

Many years ago a Rockmount Ulster Cup team went to Bangor with a healthy lead to fall short, surely it wouldn’t happen this time; with this in mind a quartet of strong “veterans” was sprinkled with three newbees, I’m saying newbees but they have a wealth of Ulster Cup experience between them, namely Crocodile Donaghadee, Gordie Goodfellow and the QPR two, Colin Childs and Darren Majury.

Full Team: Danny Montgomery, Gordon Goodfellow, Colin Childs, Darren Majury, David Harrison, Frank Wallace and Gary McShane.

With 2.5 points required (to make sure) after the home leg, the boys set off in strong sunshine with all but 1 dodgy drive at the first, by the time the last had departed a slight drizzle had started, which having turned to a downpour at one point, would have had Noah sprinting for his hammer and nails but at the end returned again to pleasant sunshine, a big thank you to those who acted as caddies.

First out was Danny, with Charlie on the bag, who after 4 had, as is custom, took a lead, in this case by 2, second out was Gordie accompanied by Jimmy Kitchens and again by the 4th had moved 1 ahead, third out Childsy and the birthday boy, after 4 I waited expectantly for the score only to be greeted by a smile not of the happy variety, I didn’t ask!!! Darren went 1 hole behind after 4, as had Davy (must be Geordies fault) and Frank was 2 down (his guy 1 under – unconfirmed). Normal service was resumed in the seventh match as Gary had raced to 4 up. So all in all it was quite tight not time to relax.

After 7, things had moved from bad to worse, I'd missed Danny go through, so hoped he was still up, Gordie was maintaining his slender 1 hole advantage, Childsy was still smiling that resigned smile he was 3 down, it was then he received the “Captain’s Arm”; this would help turn it around, Darren was now all square, Davy and Frank 2 down, Gary now 5 up. So there I stood 1 point in the bag surely with Gary but the rest a long way from over.

 Danny was now approaching the 11th, OK Danny, give me the good news, ah nope, he was now 2 down. Thro the rain Gordie and Jimmy approached the 11th, heart pounding I awaited the news, 2 up, thank, ah err um, goodness. Next along came Mr. C., had the Captains arm done its trick, not if you would believe his faithful caddie, Sammy was behind him, giving me the cut throat sign, not going well there then, Darren brought some good news in the gloom and won the 11th to go 1 up, the weiss angle had turned it around to be now 1 up after 11 and Frank was battling back, now back to 1 down and my crutch at the tail end went dormy 7.

 A desolate figure appeared from behind the Par 3 12th (Sammy having transferred to Darren’s bag), my auld buddy had finally succumbed, 1 point down. At the 12th Gary stitched his tee shot (via a big hill on the left!!) to about 3 feet whilst his opponent left his slightly short and when his chip didn’t drop off I sped in the buggy 1 point the better, just another 1 and a half to be sure.

 To the back of the 15th where a large crowd had gathered, news came thro that Danny had been beaten, 1.5 from 4 now required, Gordon was now down to only 1 up. The drives of Darren and his opponent had split the fairway leaving I suppose about 130 yards left, Noel shot first had made the green leaving a 20 foot putt, I was only one to applaud, is this a hard crowd or is it just nervous tension on my part, Darren’s approach pitched stone dead to about 2 foot, Noel missed and Darren slammed his home, dormy 3 up.

After their drives, off again I set off in search of Gordie and Jimmy, had he got the point?, at the back of the 17th towards me ambled Kevin, Gordie’s foe, “well, how’d you finish?”

“Gordon won 2 up” he replied. So there it was we were through. History was not to be repeated this time.

For the record Darren was probably going to go 4&2, but was called in, Davy was dormy 3 and Frank had Clayton just were he wanted him (although being 1 down with 3 to play and having his powercaddy pack up for the past 3 holes wasn’t exactly were I’d want to have my opponent!!!). Official score 8.5 to 5.5

To all who tarried my thanks, for all who supported, my appreciation, to the birthday boy happy 28th (13th june must be a leap day, if he’s only celebrated 28 birthdays), to Lesley a bar of soap to wash that mouth out (hehe!!) To the Bangor team, if they ever stray on to this report, a big pat on the back, it was a hard fought battle played in excellent spirit, as they said themselves the better team won on the day, just as, I suppose they did 10 years ago. Not a case of revenge but of a ghost laid to rest.


Yours in Golf