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Match Report - Ulster Cup 4th Round V Dunfanaghy GC, 1st Leg

After a good win against a hard Bangor team, we were pitched against Dunfanaghy who had a narrow victory over Co. Armagh.

Team: Danny Montgomery, Paul Mearns, Michael Carson, David Harrison, George Moore, Frank Wallace and Gary McShane.

This doesn’t get any easier after 4 holes, it looked that this was going to be our toughest test yet, Danny was 1 down, Paul was 1 up, Michael was all square, Davy and Geordie 2 down, Frank 1 up and Gary taking his time as usual (eventually we found out he was all square after 6).

Thro 9 Danny was 3 down, Mearnsy and the Doc 4 up, but incredibly Davy was 5 down and Geordie 6 down, Frank was one up  and Gary all square.

At halftime then it looked like us down 3 – 2, with us needing to take the last 2 matches to go to Dunfanaghy with a lead.

For the record Danny finished with a 4&3 defeat, Mearnsy a 5&4 victory, The Doc with a 7&6 win, Davy a 5&4 defeat and Geordie a 6&5 defeat. Thro 12 the last 2 matches were all square, but Frank won the 13th to go 1 up and stayed that way after 14, Gary got a win at 14 to go 1 up. Frank held on for a 2&1 win at the 17th. Gary however lost the 15th to go back to all square. Bless him he won both the 16th & the 17th for a 2&1 victory.

Being honest a 4 -3 win had me shell shocked, there’s no doubt we’ve a mountain to climb in the return leg, the quality of their 3 wins had left me in no doubt that the three boys would be nearly impossible to beat at home but all we need was 3, 1 hole victories and a draw and I know we’re good enough for that.

Apologies for the report but even as confucius once said “they can’t all be crackers”

Gird your loins and keep the Faith !!