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Rule Clarification...Very Important

Approach to 6th Hole

Simplified Guidance


If you think the ball could be in the water hazard you cannot play a provisional ball but must play a shot under penalty of one stroke.

If you believe your ball is not in the water hazard but may be lost outside it you may play a provisional ball. 

It is your call.

You must tell your opponent or fellow competitor that you are playing a provisional ball.  If you do not tell them it will be assumed that you are playing stroke and distance under penalty of one shot.

Your call has implications.

·      If you have opted for stroke and distance your ball is the ball in play and any subsequent finding of the original ball is irrelevant

·      If you have opted for a provisional ball and

a)    find your original ball is in the water hazard the water hazard rule applies

b)    find the original ball outside the water hazard - play it as it lies

c)    cannot find the original ball then the provisional ball is the ball in play

·      Point (c) applies whether or not the provisional ball ends up in the water hazard or indeed you are not sure whether or not it is in the hazard.