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Match Report - Ulster Cup Q. Final V Letterkenny GC, 1st Leg

English was never my forte at school, but here I am again, sat in front of the computer, typing with two fingers (that’s one on each hand) trying to think of an interesting slant to write about the match, as was constantly written on my reports at school “Must try harder”, its proof that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so here comes more drivel.

Quarter Final, now doesn’t that sound grand, but as Childsy noted on the way back from Donegal, “we’re only half way there”, the butcher on the other hand didn’t come out with anything profound, not unless you count a couple of snores and a fart in his sleep!!

So we tore ourselves from The Open being shown on the TV in the clubhouse and set off for battle against Letterkenny.

Team: Danny Montgomery, Gordon Goodfellow, David Harrison, Frank Wallace, Paul Mearns, Sammy Milligan, Gary McShane.

First out, Danny “fire in the belly” Montgomery with Charlie on the bag, obviously as a result of a goodnight’s sleep !! was already away up the 5th by the time I arrived at the tee so I missed how he was getting on, Gordy and Jimmy had started like a train, a couple of days sampling the local “poison” at the Bushmills Inn working wonders, Davy and Dazza were a couple in front, Frank and W. Bro Childs were flat (I suppose I could have used the thesaurus for a more appropriate adjective !!), Mearnsy and the butcher were 1 up, Sammy and Geordie were apparently 2 up (that’s what I understood the hand signal to mean !!), Gmac with Dennis were all square.

At the turn “Desperate” won the 9th to go 2 up, Gordie won the 9th to go “Sprite alternative”, the man from the Pru was 3 up, Frank’s opponent sunk a 20ft putt on the 9th for a 2 to go peelers, the Dandy Don had moved to 4 up, the wedding planner had slipped to 2 down (the hand signal didn’t mean that Sammy had been 2 up then) and Joe LeTaxi was 2 up.

Thro 12 Dan had moved to 4 up, Gordie 6 up, Davy 4 up, Frank 1 down, Mearnsy 5 up, Sam 3 down, and Gary 2 up. Childsy had “disrobed” by this stage, to reveal what Robert described as a very impressive pair of braces.

By the time Gary came thro 12 Gordie and Mearnsy had returned with a 6&5 victory each, and when I got up to the 16th tee I learned that Davy had come in with a 5&3, Danny finished at the 17th with a 3&1 win.

Thro 14 Frank and Sam where 3 down but on the plus side Gary was 3 up, Frank won the 15th to go 2 down, Sam lost the 15th for a 4&3 defeat, and Gmac won the 15th for a 4&3 victory.

As with all the best things in life, a couple of inches makes a big difference !! and Frank just missed a 6 ft putt on the 16th to make it 1 down, what might have happened then? Unfortunately for us it wasn’t to be and he eventually succumbed 2&1. So halftime, we’ve a 5-2 lead and 18 holes up, but Letterkenny had a 7-0 victory at home in the last match so no chickens here yet.

Until our next merry meeting ….


Martin Lawther

Team Captain