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New 'Refreshed' Winter League Starts 1st November

It seems prudent with some three weeks to go to the new refreshed and revitalised Winter League programme 2014/15 to remind members that it is time to begin thinking about getting your 6 man team together and naming it.

In brief we have     

     1. shortened the course to 9 holes
     2. simplified the handicap adjustment process and made it fairer by
     3. ensuring good play is 'rewarded' according to handicap category
     4. agreed to trial use of normal hole diameters on temporary greens.

For more detail go to 'Competition Rules' on the website at 
www.rockmountgolfclub.com or see the Notice Board in the locker room where you can read the full set of Competition Rules.

Of particular interest will be the handicapping changes.  For example a Category 1 player's full handicap will be cut 0.1 shots for every point above 18 (so a player with a handicap of 4.0 scoring 22 points over the front nine will be cut 4 x 0.1 = 0.4 reducing his handicap to 3.6 playing handicap 4, still giving him 2 shots  on the 9 hole course). Similarly with Category 2 (except handicap cut 0.2 for each point over 18) ... Category 3 (0.3. for each point) and Category 4 (0.4 for each point).

Closing date for entry will be Sunday 19th October 2014. Please get your teams together and your entry in this Saturday.

Complete an entry form in full put it in envelope with £22.00 per person and leave in the shop or scorecard post box for the Competition Secretary. Get it at the shop or hall computer

The Winter League will commence on 1st November 2014 and run until Friday 20th February 2015. Each Saturday before Xmas Turkey vouchers will be awarded for the winners of the associated Saturday and Sunday - Friday Sweeps; after Xmas voucher prizes will be awarded for these competitions.

The fee includes the price of the Winter League Dinner.

The exercise is good for your health and the family friendly time frame great for a busy lifestyle. Be kind to the NHS budget.

Let's make sure we enjoy another winter of casual but quite competitive golf on a course in remarkably good winter condition.  The more of us the merrier.

Please get your teams together and your entry in this Saturday.

Frank Wallace
Competition Secretary



The 2014/15 Winter League will commence on Saturday 1st November 2014 and will run until Friday 20th Feb 2015. The cut-off date for entryis Sunday 19th October 2014.
These rules are to be read in conjunction with Competition Rules 2014. The Competition Rules 2014 can be found on the website and on the notice board in the locker room.
Who can enter?
The competition is open to Full members and Associate members and to Junior members (handicap of fourteen (14) and under; maximum two (2) Juniors per team)
Entry fee:
Entry to the winter league costs £22.00 per person to include the meal and entertainment at the Winter League Dinner that has been provisionally set for Saturday 28th March 2015.
Entry form and procedure:
Complete the entry form in full put it in envelope with £22.00 per person and leave in the shop or scorecard post box – no points will be allocated to any team until entry fee is received.
Entries should ideally be in teams of six (6) but an individual player or several players are free to enter on their own behalf. The competition secretary will, after the closing date, so far as possible, allocate those who are not part of a team to incomplete teams or make up a new team using them.
All teams should add a team name to their entry form – the first player listed will be the team captain.
Will be made up of six (6) players with one nominated as team captain.
Weekly team scores:
The three (3) best scores will count each week.
Overall scores to count:
The final team scores and individual scores will be decided by dropping the four lowest (worst) weekly scores.
Players will play all competitions off half (1/2) of their playing handicap as at the commencement of the winter league (e.g. an 18 handicapped player will be allocated 9 shots).
The handicap secretary/committee will review all scores on a weekly basis and will immediately cut playing handicaps, as indicated below. There will be no ‘buffer zone’. These remain for the duration of the winter league unless further adjusted down. When adjustments are made half (½) shots will be rounded up. The revised handicap will apply only in winter competitions at Rockmount.
                                                       1            2           3           4
         19                                        0.1        0.2        0.3        0.4
         20                                        0.2        0.4        0.6        0.8
         21                                        0.3        0.6        0.9        1.2
         22                                        0.4        0.8        1.2        1.6
         23...and so on
Print out on winter golf 9 hole score cards will show shots received and not handicap.
No general play adjustments to handicap will be made unless there is evidence of exceptional play over a period when the MHC will determine if a cut is required
There will be four sections of the league: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D.
A random draw will be used to allocate teams to each section.
Individual Competition:
Individual players will be allocated to Sections by handicap, splitting handicap ranges so that a similar number of players participate in each section. Details of handicap split will be published as soon as available.
Allocation of scores:
Scores in Winter League will be taken from the weekly sweep competitions. A player’s score in the first sweep played each week is the winter league score that is allocated. No other score will be accepted.
Your score will count in Winter League only when entry fee and individual competition fee has been paid prior to commencement of play.
Team scores, individual scores and competition winners will be posted on the notice board as soon as possible after the competition and may be circulated to members by email.
Course to be played:
Each competition will be played over the nine holes open on the day of entry – refer to shop each day for details.
Tee off times:
Play will be on any day from Saturday to Friday of each week when the tee is free. Remember to check when the tee is free and book your tee time.
Sweep Prizes
Saturday – Sweep Prizes
One best gross and a number of best nett scores (dependent upon entry)
Sunday – Friday – Sweep Prizes
A number of best net scores (dependent upon entry)
Prizes will be in the form of Christmas 2014 Paul Banford turkey/meat vouchers up until the week ending Friday 19th December.
Winter League match play to decide Champions:
The top two teams in each section of the league will play 18 holes singles match play to decide the overall Winter League Champions. The first round is to be played no later than Sunday 8th March 2015. The draw for the first round will be:
Top half          1) 1st A v 2nd B          2) 1st B v 2nd C
Bottom half    3) 1st C v 2nd D          4) 1st D v 2nd A.
Semifinal: winner 1 v 3 and winner 2 v 4: to be played no later than Sunday 15th March 2015.
The final: will be played on Sunday 22rd March 2015 with lunch provided for both teams.
See the Match Play Stage Rules for full details. These will be published on the notice boards immediately prior to the Match Play stage of the competition.
Winter League Prize Giving
Match play:
Overall Winners       Losing Finalist       Losing Semi-Finalist
Winning Winter League team will be the team with the highest points of the four league section winners.
Individual Winners: highest points score in each section.
Abandonment of a Winter League week:
If no play is deemed possible by 11:30 am on Saturday of any week due to either 1) the prevailing weather conditions or 2) the state of the course, then the winter league for that week is cancelled and no scores will count (from that Saturday or the following Sunday to Friday).
In the event that no play is possible by 11:30 am on a Saturday and the winter league is abandoned for that week but play is possible later on Saturday and or later in the week the Match and Handicap Committee may run a Saturday and a mid-week sweep competition. Scores will not count for that week’s Winter League.
Christmas period:
This year there will be no interruption at Christmas to the weekly schedule of competitions. Normal procedures will apply, that is there will be a Winter League sweep on the Saturday before Christmas followed by a Sunday to Friday sweep. The same will apply to the Saturday after Christmas and the following Sunday to Friday.
Associate members:
All Associate members must play between Monday and Friday or on payment of a further green fee on Saturday or Sunday.
Removal of name from booking sheet:
Players can remove name from Saturday time sheet at any time – a minimum of 30 minutes’ notice must be given on Saturday.
Casual golf not permitted:
Note that casual golf is not permitted on the 9 holes while being used for the sweep competition on a Saturday.
Any player who does not enter a score into the computer following completion of round will be allocated zero (0) as a score in the Winter League for that week.
Cards will only be accepted if completed as described in the Rules of Golf. The marker must hold a full handicap, in the case of a Junior member a handicap of fourteen (14) or less.
All disputes or doubtful points should be referred to Frank Wallace, Simon Gray or Colin McClenaghan of the Match and Handicap Committee as soon as practically possible – any decision taken will be final.
Frank Wallace
Competition Secretary
Match and Handicap Committee