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Birdies just are not good enough anymore!!!

The Sam Rutherford (Cowdy competition) home match against Spa took place on Sunday 22nd June 2014. 

Playing in match no. 4 were the tried and trusted partnership of Colin Childs and Henry Moore. However, never in their wildest dreams could they have predicted how the first hole would pan out in the match.

The Spa pairing drove of first in this greensomes event and one of them drove the ball through the first green. Rockmount followed with their drives and Colin Childs drove the green to approx. 12 feet from the flag. 

What was to happen next was unbelievable and probably has never happened before in an inter-club match. 

The Spa pairing had to play first from behind the green. They carefully looked at their shot, addressed it, and then duly chipped in for an eagle 2....amazing shot. Henry was then all of a sudden left with a 12 feet putt for the half. Not to be outdone, Henry chose his line and calmly holed the putt for a half in 2. To halve the hole in eagle 2's is amazing.

Colin and Henry ended up winning their match 2 holes up.

The final overall result of the home match by the team was a deficit of 8 holes down. The away match is at Spa on Thursday 26th June.