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Annual General Meeting
The annual general meeting documents (agenda, last year’s minutes, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer’s Report) have been sent out to all eligible members via email (and post).
If for any reason you have not received the documents or require a further copy of the documents please leave your name and email address, for the attention of the Honorary Secretary in the club shop.
The Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of Rockmount Golf Club will be held in the clubhouse
On Wednesday 27th November 2013 at 7.30 p.m.
1.     Apologies.
2.     Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on the 28th November 2012. (enclosed)
3.     Matters Arising from the Minutes.
4.     Adoption of Honorary Secretary’s Annual Report. (enclosed)
5.     Adoption of Honorary Treasurers Financial Statement. (enclosed)
6.     Competition Secretary’s Report.
7.     Rockmount Enterprises Report.
8.     Captain Mr Glenn Willis address and introduction of new Captain Mr Paul Banford.
Captain Mr Paul Banford’s address and introduction of the new Vice Captain Mr Eddie Donaldson andintroduction of new Junior Captain Conor Montgomery.
9.     Election of Committee Members
General Committee, Nominations are as follows:-
Mr Frank Ward proposed by Committee
Mr Peter O’Hara proposed by Frank Wallace and seconded by Danny Montgomery & Ciaran O’Hara
Mr John Hinds proposed by Peter McKay and seconded by Colin Paul
10. Re-election of Club Auditor, Mr Robert Clarke, proposed by the Committee.
11. Re-election of Club Trustees, Eric Chambers and Ronnie Cole, proposed by the Committee.
12. Notices of Motion – (none)
13. Any Other Business.
Alan McClune, Honorary Secretary