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Entries for Internal Matchplay competitions

All of you matchplay enthusiasts who enjoy the club matchplay competitions will have received an email from Colin McClenaghan who is managing these competitions asking for entrants. The closing date for entries is Saturday 20th April.

The snow has really knocked back entry numbers as I write.  You really will be annoyed if you miss the annual challenge and the weather is going to be so good this year -  so please get you names and cash in.

Details of the club matchplay competitions are on the notice board and in the recent email from Colin McClenaghan.


Place the entry fee in an envelope clearly marked with the name and handicap of player concerned and the name of the competition.  Leave the envelope with a member of staff in the club shop for the attention of the Assistant Competition Secretary Colin McNeill.  You may obtain your envelopes in the club shop. 


You will find competition Conditions published with the draw.

Competitions                              Format                              Entry Closes                  Entry Fee        
Drumalig Cup                    Singles Matchplay                    Saturday                            £3.00
                                          (Handicaps 13 or less)                 20th April
Killynure Cup                   Singles Matchplay                     Saturday                            £3.00
                                               (Handicaps 14 +)                      20th April 
Sydney Lamb                     Fourball Betterball                   Saturday                           £5.00
                                                                                                     20th April
Scratch Cup                     Singles Matchplay                     Saturday                            £5.00
                                             (Lowest 32 entries                     20th April
                                               in seeded draw)
Devenney Mixed             Pairs Matchplay                         Saturday                            £5.00
Foursomes                                                                              20th April

We will enter first round losers in the Drumalig Cup, the Killynure Cup, and the Devenney Mixed Foursomes in a draw for, respectively, the Drumalig Plate, the Killynure Plate, and the Devenney Mixed Plate.