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Finals Day - Results

The Finals Day was played on Sunday 16th September 2012 and a great day was had by all those who competed. 

Many thanks again to Frank Wallace, Colin McNeill and Colin McClenaghan who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure these competitions and all other competitions are run smoothly and on time and for producing all results throughout the year in a very efficient manner.


Competition                       Winner                                    Runner up

Drumalig Cup                  Gareth Milne                      Edmund McDonald

Drumalig Shield          Robert Patterson                   Jimmy Robinson

Killynure Cup                  William Blyth                         Brendan Houston

Killynure Shield          Peter McCluskey                   Philip Campbell

Scratch Cup                  Colin McClenaghan           Jimmy Robinson


Sydney Lamb                  Simon Gray                          Michael McGivern

                                 Colin McClenaghan          Gerry McSorley

Signs Express                  KevinStevens                          Ivan Gilmore

                                 Roger Heasley                  Garry Gilmore

Medal Winners Cup        Darren McClure                 Alan McClune


Devenney Mixed        William Blyth                         Christine Martin

                               Carol Blyth                         Gordon Goodfellow