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Ronan Rafferty Team beaten in final

The Juniors fought bravely against Dungannon in the 2nd leg of the Ronan Rafferty final at Dungannon on 23rd Aug. Things looked like they might swing our way but unfortunately the last 2 holes cost us dearly. 

Club Captain, Peter O'Hara said "The team fought hard and gave their all. They were a credit to Rockmount and the match could have gone our way very easily but golf can be a cruel game. The team will have gained great experience from this tense match and it augers well for the future of Rockmount to have such a great bunch of boy's coming up through the ranks. Many thanks to Team Captain Michael Clarke for preparing the team in an impeccable way."

The Captain also paid tribute to the Junior Captain Russell McDonald, for his passionate and stirring words to his team the night before the match.

It has been printed below for all members to read.

"Get a good sleep tonight lads for tomorrow is our day. As we don our navy and whites with the red flag of rock, we become men. Tomorrow our drives will be long and our putts will drop.  Only the finest and strongest team will be picked by team captain MC. We will replicate the successes of the 2008 wonder team lead by Niall O'Hara. With Beam at our head and me at the rear, no team in the province could cope. Go out and win us those 8.5 points required and bring back the Ronan Rafferty Trophy to the fortress of Rockmount! Only us legends can achieve such a feat!"

Stirling stuff I am sure you will all agree. Well done Russell.