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Club Championship 2011 Qualifiers

Attached list shows the members of Rockmount Golf Club who have qualified for the final of the Club Championship.  The Championship will be played on Sunday 3rd July with first tee off at 0800.  Lunch will be provided for all players following which players will tee off from 1300, the lowest scores from the morning going out last.

Dinner will be provided for all players at the end of the competition.

Qualifiers must inform Frank Wallace of their availability either by email compsec@rockmountgolfclub.com or mobile 07752024168, not later than 27th June.

Club Championship 2011 qualifiers are:-

Jonathan Patterson Reigning champion

Colin McClenaghan 74

Jonathan Hanna 74

Warren Burnside 74

Adam Foreman 76

Laurence Murdock 76

Benjamin Frazer 77

Harry Greer 77

Thomas Gibson 77

Colin Henderson 78

Jeffrey Lamb 78

Jordan Patmore 79

Mark Wynne 79

Ruairi Wilson 79

Jon D'arcy 80

Lewis Patmore 80

Adam Robinson 81

David O'Hara 81

Edward Donaldson 81

Gareth Poole 81

Jimmy Robinson 81

Ryan Shanley 81

Alan Young 82

Enda Cunningham 82

Gregg Sterritt 82

James Hume 82

Michael Stewart 82