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Changes to Stroke Index

Please be aware of the changes in the stroke index of some holes on the back nine.  This is relevant in cases of shots being given or received in match play and in calculating scores in stableford competitions.  These changes are reflected on the new score cards.


Also be aware that note will be taken in cases where scores are not entered into the computer at the end of a competition.  It has also been noted that a few members fail to turn up to honour their booking on the time sheet, without giving reasonable excuse.  This obviously can deprive other members of the chance to play.  These breeches of the rules can lead to suspension from entering future competitions. See the section of competition rules below.


3. SUSPENSIONS - Members who:


Enter name on time sheet and do not appear,


Remove name from timesheet on the day of the Competition without providing an adequate reason,


Fail to enter their score into the computer / return card following completion of round Add, remove or change the name of another member on the timesheet without their express permission


Fail to call through the match behind after falling more than 1 hole behind the Fourball in front


Members who offend may, at the discretion of the relevant committee, be suspended from all club competitions as follows below - The 1st offence 1 Week - 2nd offence 2 Weeks - 3rd offence 3 Weeks etc.


Full rules are on the club website and also displayed in the locker room.


Your compliance with the club rules will be greatly appreciated.


Frank Wallace

Competition Secretary