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Membership Application

Rockmount Enterprises Limited welcome applications for membership. We have different Categories to chose from and these are listed below.

An application form is available by sending your contact details to the following e-mail address:

Category Entry Fee Available Total

FULL MEMBERS (7 day golfing membership)








YOUNG ADULT FULL (Aged 18 – 29 years)




ASSOCIATE (5 day golfing membership)








COUNTRY MEMBERS (residing 70 miles away)








STUDENT MEMBER (18 - 25 yrs & in Full time education)




OVERSEA STUDENT MEMBER (18 - 25 yrs & in Full time education)




JUNIOR MEMBER( 13-18 years)




JUNIOR MEMBER( 11-12 years)




*CADETS CLUB (9- 10 years)








Membership Fees - All rates are inclusive of V.A.T. and subject to change

Entry Fee - If desired maybe payable over ONE/TWO OR THREE YEARS. Adult Subscriptions may be paid by fairway credit scheme.

Any entry fee paid for one category will be taken into account if transferring to another category. Only Full Members will be entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings of the respective Men’s’ and Ladies Clubs.

Subject to your application being accepted, both the entry fee and subscription will be due no later than 31st March. Failure to pay by that date will result in the application be rescinded.

N.B. Please do not send any payment with the completed form

Submission of the completed form does not entitled the Applicant to Membership. Application forms will be considered at the sole discretion of Rockmount Enterprises Limited and any applicants accepted will be notified in writing strictly upon the basis of Annual Membership renewable each year by invitation of Rockmount Enterprises Limited subject to tendering within 30 days of such acceptance of all amounts due as per current rates of membership. In the event of Rockmount Enterprises Limited not renewing your membership during the first three years from the date of commencement of membership, Rockmount Enterprises Limited will refund a proportionate amount of one-third of the entry fee for each of the two years not renewed, unless such member has been expelled from membership under the Rules of the Club.

In submitting this Application Form and in the event of such application being accepted you hereby undertake to comply with the rules and byelaws of the Rockmount Golf Club as amended from time to time.