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Competition Rules 2018


1. Introduction

(a)  The Rules of Golf effective from 2016 apply.  In addition, these Competition Rules 2018 apply to the running of all Club competitions supplemented during the winter season by Winter League Rules.

(b)  All members please note that these, revised, Competition Rules 201 came into effect on Sunday 1st April 2018.  The Committee is responsible for their application and enforcement.  Note that where the ‘Committee’ is referred to this is, normally, the committee in charge of running the competitions and not the Club Committee.

2. Time Sheet

(a) The time sheet becomes available on line on Thursday at 7-30 pm for the following week.

(b)  Members cannot normally book tee times by telephone.  This is, however, acceptable on the day before and on the day of the competition concerned.

(c)  Members may only add, remove or change the name of another member on the timesheet with the express permission of that member – failure to observe this rule may, at the discretion of the Committee, result in suspension from future club competitions.

(d)  Cancellation of a booking should take place before 7-00 pm on the day before the competition concerned, that is, on the Friday evening for Saturday competitions. Bookings are accepted on-line until 10-00pm. Late cancellation is unfair to others who wish to make a late booking.  Cancellations will also be taken by telephone or in person until close of business, on the day before the competition that is on the Friday evening for Saturday competitions.

(e)  Members who contact the office on the day of the competition itself because they are unable to play will be asked to say why they are unable to play. Any explanation given will be noted and the facts will be considered by the Committee before a decision is taken as to whether or not the player will face suspension from future club competitions.

(f)  Any competitor who fails to turn up on the day of competition without contacting the office in advance may at the discretion of the Committee, face suspension from future club competitions.

(g)  All competitors should report to the shop, have paid the appropriate entry fee, be on the first tee and ready to commence play five minutes before the allotted starting time. Rule 6-3a Rules of Golf applies. If a player arrives at the first tee ready to play within 5 minutes after his starting time the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of two strokes at the first hole (stroke play) or loss of first hole (match play). Otherwise the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.

(h)  Play is not to commence until the allotted tee time.

3. General

(a)  All scorecards should be fully completed including competition name, player’s name, handicap and date. The player must ensure that his handicap is recorded on his score card before it is returned and is accurate.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification – see Rules of Golf, Rule 6-2b. 

(b)  After each hole the marker should check the score with the competitor and record it. On completion of the round he must sign the score card and return it to the competitor – Rule 6-6a. On completion of the round the competitor should check his score for each hole and settle any doubtful points with the Committee. He must ensure that the marker has signed the score card sign the score card himself and return it to the Committee as soon as possible – see Rules of Golf 6-6b. penalty for breach of Rule 6-6b is disqualification.

(c)  No alteration may be made on a score card after the competitor has returned it to the committee - Rule 6-6c. A score card is considered to have been returned to the Committee when it has been posted in the letter box in the locker room. 

(d) All scores on the scorecard must be entered into the computer. Failure to do so may result in suspension from future club competitions (‘club regulation’ based on Decision 6-6b/8, Decisions on the Rules of Golf).

(e) All cards must be marked by a player with an official GUI/ILGU handicap. In the case of a Junior marker they must be eligible to compete in the competition for which the card is being marked. Group marking of cards is prohibited.

(f)  All singles competitions (subject to course conditions) on the fixture list from April onwards will be qualifying competitions for handicap purposes unless otherwise indicated on the timesheet for the day in question.

(g)  Where a prize distribution is arranged for the evening of the competition, any prize winner who is not present will, at the discretion of the Committee, forfeit any prize for which they are eligible.

(h)  A player must play without undue delay and in accordance with the following pace of play guidelines. Slow play must be avoided and the guidelines for Ready Golf applied (see the notice board).  The pace of play in a Saturday competition is that of a four-ball. The time allowed for completion of 18 Holes is 4 hours 15 minutes.

(i)  Any four-ball that falls more than one hole behind the four-ball in front is required to call through the match behind - offenders may, at the discretion of the Committee, face suspension from future Club competitions.

(j)  Please repair pitch marks, replace divots and rake bunkers, leaving rake in the back of the bunker.

(k)  Match play matches must not be combined with Saturday / Sunday competitions, unless approved in advance by the Committee.

4. Suspensions

(a)  Members who offend as follows may, at the discretion of the Committee, be suspended from all Club competitions - first offence, one week,  second offence, two weeks, third offence, four weeks and so on:-

 Enter their name on time sheet and fail to appear for the competition 

 Remove their name from timesheet on the day of the Competition without providing an adequate reason

Fail to enter their score into the computer and return their card to the Committee following completion of round.

 Add, remove or change the name of another member on the timesheet without their express permission.

 Fail to call through the match behind after falling more than one hole behind the four-ball in front.

5. Captain’s Day and Club Championship competitions.

For a player to be eligible to win the Captain’s prize on Captain’s Day or to compete in the final of the Club Championship or the Senior’s Club Championship, he must have played in three (3) qualifying competitions during the current season.

6. Local Rules

(a)  Local Rules for the course can be found on the scorecard or posted on the notice boards in the locker room. They must be complied with. Additional local rules may be posted by the Committee at any time and it is the player’s responsibility to be aware of them.


7. Competition Prizes

(a)  The Men’s Committee have decided to award prizes in each Saturday competition (except team event weeks) during the summer as follows:

       Overall winner

       Overall runner-up

       Division winner - handicaps 0 – 10

       Division winner - handicaps 11 – 18

       Division winner – handicaps 19 – 28

       Gross prize

Note; no player may win more than one prize; prizes will be allocated in value order and they will take into account the number of players competing.



This prize listing may be changed for specific competitions. 





(Sponsored by Andrew Annett)





1) Introduction


(a) The last week of the winter league will commence Saturday 13 February 2016, finishing on Friday 20 2016.


(b) The top two teams in each section will play in the Match Play stage of the competition.


(c) In the event of a tie between team scores in any section of the league, positions will be decided using the best discarded weekly scores. If still a draw next best and so on.  If this process does not resolve a tie the Committee will decide it by lot.


2) Playing Order


(a) On qualification the Team Captain will provide the Competition Secretary in writing with the playing order of his team– this cannot then be changed.  If an order of play list is not provided, the order of play will be the order on the team list used in the preliminary stroke play competition.  


(b) Team captains should hand their order of play team list in a sealed envelope to Frank Wallace, Simon Gray or Colin McClenaghan not later than Sunday 21 February 2016 or as soon as possible afterwards.  In the event that this is not possible the sealed envelope should be left in the office marked for the attention of any member of the Match & Handicap Committee.


(c) The deadline for submission of team order of play lists is 6 pm on Sunday 21 February 2016.  When all order of play lists have been received they will be entered onto the Winter League Match Play sheet in the locker room as follows:


Quarter finals


  1) Winner A v Runner-up B           2) Winner B v Runner-up C

   3) Winner C v Runner-up D           4) Winner D v Runner-up A




  1. 1) Winners match 1 v Winners match 3


2) Winners match 2 v Winners match 4


3) Scoring 


(a) Each match will be played over 18 holes off the yellow tee markers.

(b) Halved matches and holes up will count. 

(c) In the event of an overall tie the last match on the course will continue to play sudden death holes until resolution. 


(d) In the event of bad light stopping play, matches, including sudden death play-offs, can continue the following or any other day – before the cut-off date.  Two practice holes are permitted prior to play re-commencing. 


4) Handicap


(a) Full difference between the handicaps of the players will be used in all matches. A players final winter league handicap will be used – handicaps will not revert to full GUI handicap for the play offs.


5) Schedule of matches


(a) The Team Captains should arrange for the set of team matches to be played on the same day.  If this is not possible they should ensure that all matches are played by the due date.


First Round


Matches must be played on or before Sunday 6 March 2016




Matches must be played on or before Sunday 13 March 2016




All matches must be played on Sunday 20 March 2016 


Tee off in the first match will be at 8-45 am unless exceptional circumstances exist. Note that lunch will be provided for all who play in the Final.


(b) If a player says he is unable to play his match before the due date for any reason and his opponent is available to play the Team Captains should give due consideration to resolving the matter. If they are unsuccessful in doing so the Team Captains must inform the Competition Secretary of the position.  This should be done as soon as the facts are confirmed. The match will be awarded to the opponent who can play.  The result will be recorded as a 5 and 4 win.  A half match can only be agreed if neither player can complete the fixture by the due date.


(c) Otherwise, if Team Captains have a problem they cannot resolve between themselves in arranging any match the facts should be referred to Frank Wallace, Simon Gray or Colin McClenaghan as soon as they become evident and certainly before the due date.  Failure to do so will result in both teams being disqualified. When referred to either Frank Wallace, Simon Gray or Colin McClenaghan their decision will be final.


(d) In the event of adverse weather conditions the Competition Secretary may at his discretion re-arrange the schedule accordingly. 


6) Results

(a) Team Captains are also responsible for posting the result of the match on the Winter League Match Play sheet in the changing room – on or before the cut off dates.  Please also inform the Competition Secretary by text or email.


7) Disputes


(a) Disputes should be referred to either Frank Wallace or Simon Gray or Colin McClenaghan as soon as practically possible – any decision taken will be final.



Frank Wallace

Competition Secretary