Mary McKenna Diamond Trophy Tournament 2016


This is only the second year of this competition.  It is the same format as the men's J B Carr, and it is Scotch Foursomes matchplay for females over 60.


First round 

Thursday 19 May.   Home against Ardglass


Maire Donnelly and Jenny Bain

Pat Keane and Kathleen Morrow

Christine Martin and Dianne Andrews

L C Helen Setterfield and Helen Hall

Wendy MacLoughlin and Elana Patterson


The ladies won 4 out of 5 and were up by 12 holes.


Return match

Sunday 22nd: Away at Ardglass


L C Helen Setterfield and Tish Gilmore

Alwyn Higham and Jenny Bain

Helen Hall and Grace Downey

Pat Keane and Dianne Andrews

Norma Devenny and Elana Patterson

The ladies were called in as the first 2 pairs had secured a win and were through to the county championships.


County Championship

Thursday 16th June. Away to Castlehume


Tish Gilmore and Daphne Beggs

Helen Hall and Jenny Bain

Pat Keane and Norma Devenny

Kathleen Morrow and Vi Andrews

Dianne Andrews and Wendy MacLoughlin


Format was such that we were to travel and 1 shot per pair was given.

Under the circumstances the ladies did their best but were beaten, I feel we would have benefited from a return match, taking into consideration the distance to travel and the disadvantage of a strange course.

Thank you to all who played.

We got a county championship flag!

Team captain 

Sue McDonagh